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You've found DXFM 94.1. Coon Rapid's lowest powered radio station, broadcasting a few blocks to you! So fair warning. We may also use this stream for other nefarious reasons... like actual DXing. Because you dx to hear 94.1, you should also hear our DX!

Note, DXFM is not always on. Neither is this stream.

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DXFM 94.1 is a part 15 FCC approved radio station broadcasting to a very small chunk of Coon Rapids. You can find us on Facebook, or the social medias. We're not the biggest boys on the block but lets see them play over 5700 songs uninterrupted. They can't do it. Most radio stations have incredibly small playlists. We don't. We have a large playlist of all genres.

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DXing since 1988!

On air in some form since the early 1990s. We old beech! Playing whatever we feel like on any given day at any given time. Like a Phoenix, Milofm has risen from the grave to come Coon Rapids' lowest power radio station ever. Kicking out uncut tuneskies.